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Rebel Mortgage was established by Caleb V. Kalenuik, who learned the ropes from his father, Vaughn C. Kalenuik. Vaughn himself was in both the mortgage and real estate industries, with a career that began in the early 1973, as a Broker/Owner in Ontario and Florida.

As a second generation Mortgage Broker and former Realtor, Caleb began his career in 1998 with a strong dedication to client satisfaction and a love for innovation. We stand by the traditional approach of prioritizing people over everything else, ensuring that each client is treated as an individual, not just a number. Fondly called the 'Real Rebel' by his father Vaughn, Caleb decided on the name Rebel Mortgage as a tribute, and to tip his hat to his father and a promise to provide exceptional and genuine solutions for clients.

One thing has never changed: our love for the industry, dedication to fighting for clients, and an unwavering commitment to achieving the best results for everyone we serve. - There's no judgement with anyone's situations!


"Rebel Mortgage is more than a brokerage—it's a legacy of dedication, knowledge, and personalized service personally spanning over two and a half decades, with a primary focus on meeting our clients' needs and enhancing their experience, efficiency, and speed through technology. Rebel Mortgage embodies this mission with 'Solutions that take you home,' focusing on your needs and leveraging technology to simplify the journey."

Caleb V. Kalenuik • Founder & Principal Broker

Our Mission

We specialize in providing Mortgage solutions tailored to meet your financial needs and alleviate your financial and money troubles. With a proven track record spanning more than 25+ years, we have helped countless clients escape the burden of debt through our diverse Mortgage solutions. Say goodbye to the tedious paperwork and long waiting times associated with traditional bank approvals. Our efficient process ensures you can secure the funds you require quickly and easily, with favorable terms to suit your circumstances.

Our Values


    We strive to build meaningful connections that have a positive impact on the lives of our clients.


    Our actions are guided by unwavering integrity and a commitment to the highest standards.


    We strive to lead change by staying ahead of the competition, foreseeing obstacles, and embracing innovative solutions.

Our Core


    Our love for what we do is the cornerstone of our brand and is apparent in every project we undertake.


    We work to fully comprehend your financial goals and support you in reaching a path to success.



A Word From The Founder

Having dedicated all my time and effort to the mortgage industry, I've witnessed everything. The highs and the lows. Clients who never thought they could purchase their first home at 50+ years of age, or purchasing an investment property while being under 25, to those overwhelmed by the stresses of bankruptcy, power of sales, foreclosures, and divorces - life brings us everything, many times at once. 

However, the joy of receiving positive feedback, reviews, countless texts, emails, and calls from happy homeowners after providing them with mortgage solutions continues to inspire me, and our team. This continually motivates me to seek a better ways to assist Canadian homeowners.

Our mission is simple and propels us to - alleviating our clients' financial stress, and making their dreams a reality. Whether it's pursuing education, buying a home, owning a car, or getting married, we understand that life can be unpredictable. That's why I founded Rebel Mortgage, a true mortgage solution provider, to help you achieve your aspirations.

Caleb V. Kalenuik

Founder, Principal Broker 

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